Legal clipboard with a resting Gavel - Displaying "Legal Documents for Your Blog"

Legal Docs For Your Blog

As a Blogger and Website owner, you must make sure that your site displays at least a “Privacy Policy” or you can be fined for not having one! We also recommend that you display at the very minimum the following three legal pages. 1) Privacy Policy. 2) Terms and Conditions. 3) A Legal Disclaimer. This is a list of all of Amira Irfan’s Legal Templates.

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Legal clipboard with a resting Gavel - Displaying "The Legal Bundle For Your Website"

The Legal Bundle For Your Website

Every blog (website) should have at least 3 legal pages. These are Privacy Policy (legally required), Terms and Conditions, and a Disclaimer. In this “Design Review” we recommend the “Legal Bundle For Your Website”. This product is trusted by thousands of Bloggers and entrepreneurs. It includes all three of Amira Irfan’s best selling legal templates.

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