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Social Snap - Featured Discount Deal

Social Snap - Now on AppSumo @ $39.00

The #1 Social Button Plugin for Your Blog

Social Snap is on AppSumo for just $39.00 on a Lifetime Deal. (Only pay once!)

We use Social Snap on our site. So, you will see an example of the Social Share Buttons at the bottom of every Article.

We purchased a 3-site license on October 13, 2019, and paid $69.30 (we had a discount code for 30%). The normal price of this PRO license is $99/year (You can go buy it on their website right now for the price we paid with the discount).

We chose the PRO license over the PLUS plan because it included 3 additional and powerful addons.

So, are we upset that we can now grab this “Pay Once” Lifetime Deal (LTD) for less than we paid AND get a 15-site license? – NO! We are not!

Social Snap is easily the best social sharing Plugin!

It is even better than the very popular Social Pug plugin!

Social Snap has more Social Network Buttons than any other plugin.

More display locations and styling options.

We think this a CRAZY LOW PRICE!

Here is why we are not upset that we paid $30.30 more for our 3-site license just 9-weeks ago…

Firstly, this happens all the time with product vendors offering a big discount at some point during the year (Normally Black Friday through to Cyber Monday, but also for other seasonal events). Secondly, WE JUST GRABBED THIS DEAL! Saving ourselves a bundle of cash in the future. NO RENEWALS and we can add it to more of our Author/Writer websites. 15 sites in fact (but we won’t be having that many!)

With this LifeTime Deal even if you only use it on a single Blog, it is definitely worth getting!! Don’t worry that you will actually get 15 licenses! That’s just a bonus!

Control what Excerpt and Images are shared for Twitter, Pinterest, and then all other Social Networks.

Show different Share Buttons on a mobile device. E.g. Desktop include a Print button but on a mobile phone show a WhatsApp button instead.

There are multiple button locations and designs. (Top/Bottom of Post, Sticky collapsing sidebar. Sticky header/footer. Button colors, icon, and shape, etc.)

Display share counts only after a predefined number of shares. (Low share counts have a negative impact but high counts add affirmation of your content’s value and will result in additional sharing!)

There are also some powerful addons included in this Deal…

  • Social Auto-Poster

    Automatically share your new posts to Twitter and LinkedIn. Save time having to post across every platform and watch the traffic flow in. (We actually use NextScript’s SNAP for Auto-Posting articles to our Social Media channels as four our needs it is more powerful)

  • Boost Old Posts

    Easily revive your existing posts by automatically posting them on Twitter and LinkedIn. It’s a great way to leverage all of your existing content and reach new visitors!

  • Social Login

    Easily allow your visitors to log in using their favorite social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Google.

Watch AppSumo's Product Showcase Video.

Social Content Locker coming soon...

We are actually VERY EXCITED by this forthcoming addon! Social Content Locker will only show a section of your content after a share of your Post/Page. Use Example: Only display a vital piece of information or a discount code after your reader shares your Article.

Easily integrates with Elementor and other Page-builders.

The Social Snap widget can easily be added using the Elementor Page-builder and the Elementor-Pro Theme-builder.

If you do not use a Page-builder Plugin on your Blog then don’t worry! Social Snap Share Buttons can simply be added to all of your WordPress Posts and/or Pages within the Social Snap settings menu of your WordPress Dashboard.

We highly recommend this product!

Social Snap's Share Options in the WordPress Editor.
Social Snap - WordPress Editor, Options Panel
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