Scheduled Maintenance (2019-10-10) – Moving Web Hosting

News Update: Scheduled Maintenance

Our Web-Hosting is being Upgraded

Blog Fix Live started out as a temporary way to help members of the “2019 New Bloggers Support Group” on Facebook. A series of seven videos were recorded on how to create a blog from scratch. Two cheap domains along with two cPanel Web-hosting accounts were purchased for less than $5.00.

  • Video # 1 – Getting a Gmail Account.
  • Video # 2 – Registering a Domain.
  • Video # 3 – Getting Hosting.
  • Video # 4 – Pointing our Domain-Name to our Web-Hosting.
  • Video # 5 – SSL Certificates.
  • Video # 6 – Getting Your Email Delivered.
  • Video # 7 – Installing and Configuring WordPress.

While the Hosting was fine for demonstration purposes, once the decision to make #BlogFixLive, actually “LIVE” and have this website as a permanent Blog, it became apparent during development that SharkHosting was not suitable for a serious production-site. On several occasions, the load put on the server was too much for such a cheap, shared hosting plan. Sometimes there were dropouts when the site didn’t load at all.

If you need an exceedingly cheap, but temporary host to act as a testing environment for your new Blog, then SharkHosting comes with our full recommendation!

Blog Fix Live is being moved to our VPS Hosting

As part of the Author/Writer Services Group, Blog Fix Live is being moved to our heavy lifting, Virtual Private Servers at Vultr. Powered by the advanced and dedicated, WordPress Hosting Control Panel of GridPane this solution is total overkill, but as we have it then we might as well use it!

Work will commence at Midnight GMT on Wednesday, October 9th, 2019.
While the site is moved and the new DNS is propagated worldwide, BlogFix.Live will not be available. It is expected that the work should take no longer than 4-hours. which is our domain for testing WordPress Themes and Plugins will remain with as this makes it possible to demonstrate the cPanel – Hosting Admin Panel if needed in our Tutorials.

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