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How To Protect Yourself And Your Business Legally.

As a Blogger and Website owner, you must make sure that your site displays at least a Privacy Policy or you can be fined for not having one!

We also recommend that you display at the very minimum the following three legal pages.

  1. A Privacy Policy.
  2. A Legal Disclaimer.
  3. The Terms and Conditions of Use.

To hire a Lawyer (or as we call them in the U.K. –  A “Solicitor”) would cost you $1,000’s (thousands of Dollars). However, we have some EXCELLENT NEWS!

You can purchase ready-made Legal Templates for less than the cost of a Premium WordPress Plugin.

There is only one resource for Legal Templates that we recommend. These are all written by the Lawyer, Blogger, and Business Coach, Amira Irfan. Her legal templates are trusted by thousands of Bloggers and entrepreneurs and (of course) by #BlogFixLive.

We have purchased nearly EVERY SINGLE TEMPLATE! The only reason we missed two out was 1) Being based in the United Kingdon means that we will not be Incorporating in the United States. Therefore we did not require the LLC Agreement Template. 2) The Website Sale Agreement. At this point in time we do not plan on selling any websites that we build to Clients. If we ever do decide to go back into the Web-Agency business then we would not hesitate to buy this Legal Template from Amira.

Recommended Legal Templates For Your Blog

We strongly believe that you will not find any legal templates that are as detailed, clearly written and provide as much legal protection as Amira Irfan’s legal templates. We believe that you deserve to enjoy the total peace of mind that adding any of these templates to your blog will bring you!!

All of the links below are our affiliate links. As always, we only recommend products that we use ourselves. It does not bias our opinions of a product and it does not cost you any extra. You DO NOT have to click on our links but if you do we will receive a small commission that helps us to continue our work here at Blog Fix Live and continue to help more new Bloggers. – Thank you!!

You MUST have a Privacy Policy - This is required by Law!

We actually recommend that you purchase the Legal Bundle For Your Website (shown below) as this bundle of legal docs also contains this Privacy Policy Template. However, if you can not afford the bundle when you are first starting out then YOU MUST display a Privacy Policy on your website.


We cannot state loudly enough how important it is for you to purchase this Legal Bundle for your Blog!

Out of all the products that we review, use, and recommend this is our #1 recommended purchase for every visitor to our blog!

The Legal Bundle For Your Website contains all three of Amira’s best selling legal templates.

Read our full review here ->

All THREE of the BEST SELLING Templates at a BIG Discount!

Read Our Privacy Policy
Read Our Disclaimer
Read Our Terms
Note: You CANNOT copy any content from this website including our Legal Policies.

Guest Blogger Agreement Template

If you are accepting Guest Posts on your Blog then you need this Legal Template. It covers all of your guidelines and requirements and avoids copyright violations.

This template also includes an indemnification clause to protect you legally.

Sponsored Post Contract Template

This legal template is required when you want to build long-lasting relationships with Vendors or Brands. You’ll need to easily collaborate with them to produce any form of sponsored content. This can be Blog Posts, Social-media posts or videos.

Media Release Agreement Template

This is a General Media Release Contract. You will need this BEFORE using someone’s (or a brand’s) name, image, video and any form other intellectual property.

Coaching Agreement Template

The Coaching agreement template has everything you need to work with Clients to protect yourself both financially and legally.

This Legal Template clearly outlines your policies and disclaimers. Your Clients will know exactly what to expect from you as a Coach and defines exactly what you expect from your Client.

This Legal Agreement will make certain that you are paid, and paid on time!

Independent Contractor Template

Also known as the Freelancer Contract, this legal templates legally protects you.

This Legal Template can be used for when you are selling your services as a Freelancer and also when you hire a Freelancer or Independent Contractor to work for you.

Confidentiality Agreement (NDA) Template

Before you employ anyone, hire a Virtual Assistant or join-up with a business party, you need to make certain that if you ever part company, your confidential business information, and trade secrets are protected from being shared with your competitors.

This Confidentiality Agreement (also known as a Non-Disclosure Agreement – N.D.A.) will protect your business’s “Secret Sauce” when entering into partnerships, joint ventures and other collaborations with someone.

DO NOT be mistaken into thinking that a family member or a good friend will not let you down and become your business enemy!

Affiliate Agreement Template

If you sell your own products or services then you will massively increase your sales if you run your own Affiliate Program!

The Affiliate Terms and Conditions Template is for your affiliates to sign when they join up to promote your products and services.

If you have an affiliate program, then you must use this agreement with your affiliates BEFORE they start promoting your products and services! It will protect you from prosecution due to any unscrupulous marketing methods that your affiliates undertake.

LLC Operating Agreement Template

This is the most important legal document for your LLC.

This Legal Template is for a single-member LLC Operating Agreement that defines your ownership and membership duties as a new business owner for when you form and register your LLC.

The Agreement legitimizes your business and keeps it separate from your personal assets.

Partnership Agreement

The Partnership Contract template is for two or more individuals who want to operate and manage a business together. This is an 11-page legal agreement between all of the parties involved. It contains over 30 important legal provisions that you must have in your Partnership Agreement.

Sweepstakes and Giveaways Terms and Conditions Template

If your are running a giveaway to grow your Blog then a Sweepstakes template is required to make the giveaway legal and comply with all the FTC and FCC rules.

This template also comes bundled with an Affidavit to send to the giveaway’s winners. This is vital to release your client from any legal liability!

We’ve seen many people provide a giveaway and yet, very few of them have actually complied with the regulations and provided any kind of Sweepstake/Giveaway Terms and Conditions.

Make certain that you are protected when you run a Giveaway!

Interior Design Contract Bundle

If your Blog is about your Interior Design business then this bundle will be ideal for you!

The Interior Design Contract Bundle includes the must-have “Legal Bundle For Your Website”. This consists of 3 templates; Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, and a Disclaimer.

The “Design Service Agreement Template” consists of 10 legal pages.

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