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Protect Yourself And Your Online Business Legally.

As a Blogger you must make sure that your site displays (at a minimum) three legal pages. These are…

  1. A Privacy Policy.
  2. A Legal Disclaimer.
  3. The Terms and Conditions of Use.

In this product review, I look at the “Legal Bundle For Your Website” by the Lawyer, Blogger, and Business Coach, Amira Irfan. Her legal templates bundle is trusted by thousands of Bloggers and entrepreneurs. It includes her three best selling, legal templates.

Recommended Product...

I strongly believe that you will not find any legal templates that are as detailed, clearly written and provide as much legal protection as the templates in this bundle. You deserve to have the comfort and total peace of mind that adding these templates to your blog will bring you

Watch my interview with Amira Irfan

I discuss why I recommend her Legal Templates for your Blog

What you receive when you purchase the "Legal Bundle For Your Website"...

When you purchase, you will immediately receive an email with a downloadable Microsoft Word document. If you do not have Word then you can use the free to download Libre Office or Google Docs to edit the templates and add your details.

The download is taken care of by the marketing automation platform called Kartra. The download gives you clear instructions on how to change five custom fields to complete each template.

How to use the Legal Templates For Your Website

How to use the Legal Templates For Your Website
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Although these templates are written specifically for American website owners, they are easily adapted for use in any country. If you want to see how good these templates are then read our Policies.
Note: You CANNOT copy any content from this website including our Legal Policies.
Read Our Privacy Policy
Read Our Terms
Read Our Disclaimer

About The Legal Bundle's Creator

Amira Irfan has been a practicing lawyer for over 8-years. She has represented businesses and online entrepreneurs in a wide variety of legal disputes and transactions. Amira has been teaching and coaching legal skills to businesses for more than 10-years.

Why we particularly like Amira’s Legal Bundle is that unlike a lot of website’s legal pages, her templates are written in a very clear and concise style. This makes them exceedingly readable for your visitor. The clearer your legal pages are to understand then the less aggravation you will receive.

How many websites have you visited only to be overwhelmed by legal policies that are a complete legal mumbo jumbo?

Amira Irfan - Profile Photo
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Amira Irfan

Before I became a lawyer, my dad hired an independent contractor to help him with his business. It was a 'handshake' deal, meaning no legal contract was signed by either party.

Guess what? A few months later, my dad got slapped with a $90,000 lawsuit that turned our life upside down!!

If only my dad had a freelance contract template at the time, which his lawyer daughter has now written to help thousands of business owners like my dad.

Moral of the story, have a written contract in place any time you work with ANYONE in your business!

Amira Irfan

What the “Legal Bundle For Your Website includes.

  • Privacy Policy Template.

    BONUS #1 - GDPR Visitor Rights Policy.
    BONUS #2 - GDPR Compliance/Email Marketing Policy.
    BONUS #3 - Cookie Policy.

  • Disclaimer Template.

    BONUS #1 - Earnings disclaimer.
    BONUS #2 - Testimonials and product reviews disclaimer.
    BONUS #3 - Sponsored posts disclaimer.

  • Terms and Conditions Template.

    BONUS #1 - Lawful Use of your website clause.
    BONUS #2 - Third-party Links Disclaimer.
    BONUS #3 - Mandatory Arbitration clause.

Within minutes, you will be able to complete the legal pages for your blog.

We purchased these templates for #BlogFixLive because I loved how readable they were. End of story!

However, as a bonus, you will also be able to earn revenue from these templates yourself. After purchasing, Amira will invite you to enroll in her affiliate program – Commissions are a very nice 40%. So, at the current price (December 01, 2019) that is $72 that you will receive.

I understand that your Blog may not be suitable to write reviews on (like this article) but all you need to do is put a link on the bottom of your legal pages and one day you’ll wake up to a nice bonus. You could even write an informative post about “How I Legally Protected my Blog” or with an article on “Advice for New Bloggers”.

When visitors come to your blog and see how well written your legal pages are, they will ask, “Where did you get your Legal Pages from?”. This is exactly how I found out about these legal templates. I was helping with a new Blog’s design and saw these on the website and thought, “Wow, I want these for Blog Fix Live!”

When you are new to blogging, then I’m sure you will watch how you spend every penny. Legal pages are not going to be your first thought.

Please let me give you some friendly advice.

You legally need a “Privacy Policy”. You need to protect yourself with both a “Disclaimer” and “Terms and Conditions”. You are not a Lawyer and the time and money you would need to spend getting a Lawyer to write these legal documents for you would be exceptional.

PROTECT YOURSELF – You will be fined if your site falls foul of the law. Sadly, there are certain types of people that go looking for vulnerable website owners. A quick buck from a lawsuit? Thank you very much!

During my 15-years of building commercial websites, I have purchased many legal templates. I needed to update my legal policies thanks to the new GDPR regulations. I truly believe that I couldn’t have found anything better and I am exceedingly grateful for being shown where to get them!

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