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“To educate and assist new Bloggers & WordPress Users, by resolving any technical issues that are being faced through Live Events, (unedited) Training Videos, and Written Articles.”

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Blog Fix Live

Blog Fix Live started in August 2019 after members of the “2019 New Bloggers Support Group” on Facebook shared their Blogs with other members for a critique. I saw that on some occasions WordPress had been not been set up as securely as it could have been. So, I started to create a short series of training videos on how to do things better.

Shortly afterward several people in the Group contacted me for one-on-one support with their blogs and I decided to make #BlogFixLive a permanent feature.

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Richard Young

I first became interested in programming computers in 1981 at the tender age of 13 following the launch of the Sinclair ZX81. This was the first time that a home computer became affordable to the average household. It had 1kb of memory that could be expanded to 16kb with a bolt-on memory pack that used to wobble and crash the computer. Backup was done using an audio tape cassette. Oh, how things have changed!

While my friends played games on their computers, I tinkered with examples of code that were written in magazines. So it was no surprise to my parents that I chose to go to college and further my studies. In fact, they encouraged me to do just that.

Computers are the future!

My Dad said to me.
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