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I have been building websites with WordPress for over 10-years and been working with computers since I was aged 13. Oddly enough, “Blog Fix Live” is my first real Blog. All of my previous development work has been in building commercial websites. This work has either been for Clients or myself.

I am currently working on a special project that will alleviate all of the technological nightmares for Creative Writers. This Network of websites will also allow new Bloggers to do what they are most passionate about – Writing!

There will be no need to manage Plugins and Themes, worry about software Updates, Backups, and Security, or spend months learning how to configure WordPress. This is a “Done For You” service, otherwise known as a WaaS (Websites as a Service).

No matter what kind of writer you are, you will receive an instant website by selecting from a variety of Templates that best suit your niche. After this, you will be able to simply promote your creative talents and write content for your Blog/Website.

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Blog Fix Live - Richard Young

Richard Young
Website Consultant
• 35 years of IT experience
• 10 years working with WordPress
• Technical Specialist

How I built websites before Blog Fix Live...

As I mentioned earlier, most of my development work before #BlogFixLive has been with building commercial websites.

Although, many of those sites contained information in “Posts” (which I prefer to call “Articles”) the websites do not have as much regular content added to them as a Blog does. If you have ever used WordPress then you will understand when I say that some of these articles were simply added as “Pages”.

It does not matter whether a website contains “Static” content (like on a business site) or “Dynamic” content (like a blog), WordPress has evolved from a being a simple blogging platform to the most widely used Website Builder on the planet. In fact, it powers over one-third of all the top-ranking websites.

The other two-thirds are mainly created by professional web-developers using a combination of Web programming languages or they are powered by other CMS (Content Management Systems) and Website Builder platforms. (Such as BigCommerce, Shopify, Squarespace, Weebly, and Wix.)

High-end, professional website development agencies still prefer to “hard-code” their projects with Web-Markup languages (HTML and PHP). Especially if the site only contains static content. Some projects will have a backend Admin area to allow the client to maintain the website’s content after the developers have signed-off on their work.

This is how I started working online. It was an extension of my career in computing before the internet. When I first left college I became a Computer Programmer. A person who built Business Management Systems on machines that took up an entire air conditioned room and to which were connected simple interfaces consisting of just a keyboard and screen (VDU – Visual Display Unit).

Well, that is a brief overview on website development. Hopefully, I haven’t made your eyes cross in bewilderment!

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How I became a respected Software Tester and Developer...

As an Analyst Programmer during the 1990’s, I wouldn’t release any software that didn’t work just to keep the Client (or my Boss) happy. It just caused more grief! My colleagues (and superiors) however, used to rush to complete their Computer Programs. They would release their work in half the time but then spend three times longer to write more code to fix the issues they had caused.

In my second job (having been laid off from the first after 3 years), I began using the next generation of programming languages (called a 4th Generation Language – 4GL). After a few weeks, my boss (who was one of the Company’s Directors) asked me to test his work and prove my understanding of the new computer language. Not thinking, I returned it with a list of things that were not working and a few design improvements.

A few weeks later, during a company-wide meeting, he called me out on it. He told me that I had hurt his feelings! However, he had done all my suggestions and sent the program off to the customer.

He never had any of the complaint feedback that he usually received. He even confessed to once delivering something that he knew wouldn’t even compile. Just so he could keep the customer quiet for a few days while he finished the Program. He then went on to encourage all of the other software developers to adopt the same attitude as me.

As the new-boy I was shocked!! I am pleased to say, that I was promoted to the role of Company Software Tester. Sadly, the company had grown too rapidly and taken on too many additional staff. So, six-months later they started to lay-off staff. Although I was one of the last to join the Company, I survived until the third round of redundancies.

I started a new job shortly afterwards and this time I was employed as the Assistant Computer Systems Administrator. Within a year, the Company was taken over and I was told that the Computer Systems were being outsourced. This service was based a long way from where I lived. Once again, I was given a 3-month termination notice with a bonus if I stayed until the end.

I was delighted, when soon after this announcement, I received a phone call from my previous employer asking me to attend an interview with the whole board of Directors. They were taking on staff again and I was at the top of their list. During the interview, I was told to leave my current employer immediately and come back to work for them.

This sounds like a very happy outcome! This particular Company was (and still is) my favorite employer!! However, I had already planned to take my leaving bonus and go traveling around Europe with a friend for six weeks. It was something I had always wanted to do. So, foolishly, I turned the job down as they were not prepared to wait for me for two months. This was the biggest mistake that I ever made and I regret it to this day 

How I grew into the Business person that I am today...

Being made redundant 3 years in a row wasn’t is all bad though. My Dad owned a Scaffolding company within the Construction industry and needed someone to help manage the office and expand his business. My Dad was my idol! As a child I would follow him everywhere. Although it meant leaving the computer industry, I agreed and became the “Works Manager”. My duties involved the day-to-day management of the workforce and liaising with clients to schedule the works they required. A bonus was, that the Yardman was also my Uncle. Married to my Dad’s Sister, I learned more from my Uncle about my Dad’s family than Dad had ever chosen to share with me.

In the following years, Dad was diagnosed with Leukemia and I took on more and more duties. Fortunately, he survived for several years but after lapsing from remission twice, it finally took him from us. I had learned to take care of pricing work and winning new contracts, payroll, tax, managing the regulatory vehicle maintenance, and even prepared a forecast and budget to secure additional funding from the banks and purchase new equipment. In fact, for a while, I had managed the entire business while Dad was undergoing treatment.

I became a strong business person for all of this experience! Since then, I have run my own businesses. Initially in light-haulage but I then found my way home to the job I have always loved the most. – The building of “Software Solutions”

What can I do for you?

I’m a person that loves to help others and solve technical problems.

I’ve worked with WordPress for over 10 years!

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If you are having Technical Nightmares, design problems or would like to learn more about how to make the most of WordPress, then the Tutorials will help guide you in the right direction.

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