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“To educate and assist new Bloggers & WordPress Users, by resolving any technical issues that are being faced through Live Events, (unedited) Training Videos, and Written Articles.”

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New Bloggers Support Group

The idea for Blog Fix Live came in August 2019 after I had been a member of the “2019 New Bloggers Support Group” on Facebook for about 8-months.

While I have many years of technical know-how, I am not strong on content creation and marketing. I wanted to not only learn from the Group but also to experience the difficulties that people new to Blogging were having. You see, I know just how complicated creating a website is. 

As members of the Facebook Group shared their Blogs, I noticed that in a few cases WordPress had not been set up correctly which resulted in some minor security issues. Many members were also disheartened by the sheer volume of learning that is required just to create a properly functioning Blog.

So, I decided to make some training videos and to help anyone who was having technical issues with their Blog.

I usually edit and perfect my videos for public viewing but this is a very time-consuming process! Instead, I decided that it would be fun to produce some videos in one take and without any editing.

I knew that the videos wouldn’t be perfect. (Things rarely go according to plan when working on a website.) Also, I am not a naturally fluent speaker when in front of a camera. My brain doesn’t work quite as fast as it did when I was a teenager and first got into computing back in 1981.

For my usual training productions, I spend several hours in preparation. This includes typing out exactly what I am going to say and then using a professional Teleprompter during the recording.

Nevertheless, I would be doing Blog Fixes LIVE!  – Errors and all. This is the real world and you need to witness that the life of a Blogger is rarely a smooth journey. If you make mistakes then don’t get annoyed with yourself. You are NOT alone!!

Blog Fix Live - Richard Young
Richard Young
Website Consultant
• 35 years of IT experience
• 10 years working with WordPress
• Technical Specialist

Despite having obtained a strong technical knowledge during the 35-years I have worked in the computer industry as a Computer Programmer and Web-Developer, I am constantly learning new techniques.

I have been building sites with WordPress for over 10-years. So, it is very easy to forget the struggles that I had when I first started.

I actually have a project that I’m developing to remove all of the technology nightmares for creative writers. It will simply let New Bloggers do what they are most passionate about – Writing!

But more on that another time…

Please feel free to contact me if you need assistance with your Blog.

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